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I always enjoy seeing goldenrod in bloom. That yellow is so cheery and is a harbinger of fall, cooler temperatures, and the time when I no longer need to think about preparing for an incoming hurricane/tropical storm.

My preparations for those aren’t extravagant as I stock up on bottled water, canned goods, and ground coffee in May at the beginning of the season. You will not find me joining the crowds with last minute shopping. When I worked at one of the local chemical plants, I discovered they bought their supplies in May and donated anything not used around Christmas time. Some of my neighbors filled their bathtubs—for flushing purposes—I went with the bucket from the pond with the tadpoles.

I do see Hurricane Eta approaching Nicaragua—and while thankful that is many miles away from me, that country is poorly equipped to deal with a hurricane and the pandemic.

On the other hand, I could be shoveling snow, dealing with furnaces that don’t light, icy roads, and needing to bundle up like the MIchelin man/Pilsbury dough-boy. and hiding in the basement during bad windstorms/tornado season.

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