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Sunny Skies and a little Wind

A cold front moved in several days ago and the house is chilly in the mornings. Our tile roof absorbs heat from the sun during the day and then emits that heat during the night—but the last of it is always around 4 in the morning. With my arthritis, I dress warmly–although not fashionably with leg warmers, flannel and sweaters and a huge pile of quilts on my bed. I grew up in the Midwest in a house that was heated initially by a wood-burning pot-bellied stove in the living room and then a wood-burning furnace in the basement. Winters were long and chilly.

I thought by moving to the South, I could escape some of the cold—but alas, houses here are meant to get rid of heat during the summer but not retain heat during the winter. Hot tea and warm socks and sweaters and scarves and balaclavas—-and those face masks!

Yesterday was a bit windy but I did burn some of our financial papers, clip some weeds around the beehives, quilt a row on the pink crumb quilt I constructed last month in honor of breast cancer awareness month, and then stopped by St. Anthony’s Basilica in Beaumont.

I did not go inside as I think reservations are necessary but walked around the outside, sat on a bench and offered prayers for myself, my family, and a friend and his dogs. I used to think prayers had to use the right words and be articulate and grammatically correct. My prayer book has a lot of those and I use them at times. Today I offered up the simplest of prayers and felt heard.

not the best photographic image but it speaks to me

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