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One of my jobs involves doing disability exams for Social Security. I’ve done these for three years now in several locations. They are physically demanding as I have just 20 minutes to review charts, take a history, do a physical exam, document notes and then dictate a summary. The emotional toll is worse.

Many want disability because they do not have health insurance. The ACA and HIPPA regulations have not changed things for the better. I could express my opinion in more descriptive terms but I don’t use that language in public…or even in private. I wish Congress had to deal with the same health care rules and regulations as those of us who pay our taxes.

Most of the applicants this past weekend were high school dropouts. Some got their GED later; some spent time in prison despite going to trade school and having a good job; one was wearing an ankle monitor; some had associates degrees in business. Then there were some who missed out on a career in the theater.

Many had smoked, drank,drugged, or ate their way into their current physical problems. And some were just plain lazy.

But the bright spot of my weekend were these two. Bella is a 7 month old puppy and thought she was a lap dog although she weighed close to 50 pounds. Biscuit was a rescue and would sit by my chair with her chin resting on my leg gazing up at me.

Providing a little bit of joy was the job of these two wonderful creatures.


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