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Lemon Tree Very Pretty

It has taken me several years to adapt to the idea of a very long growing season here on the Gulf Coast. Knowing that oranges appeared around Christmas time is not the same as thinking about a fruit harvest starting at that time. We have a Meyers Lemon, satsuma, and kumquat. We did plant some other citrus but the desired fruit part did not survive and we have a root stock of something fairly odd—with twisted branches.

These trees, unlike the song, are not particularly attractive trees. Fortunately ours are still less than about five feet tall making for easy picking of the fruits. Last winter we were so spoiled–want a quick snack? Just run out to the satsuma and pick one—fresh, they are so wonderfully sweet.

It is almost time for the lemons to ripen. Our first harvest was about a dozen, the next year three dozen and following years enough lemons to give to friends and neighbors and make marmalade and pickled lemons and frozen lemons for lemonade this summer.

sometimes those lemons are hidden in the grass

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  1. Jeannie Loving #

    When I raffled (free)grafted fruit plants to the workers on the community center in San Lorenzo, I told them “You worry about eating tomorrow. I worry about eating in the future. Your tree will give you enough to eat for your family next year, the following year for you to give away, and the third year to sell.” It was true. That’s just what happened. The tangerine trees have been the favorites.

    October 18, 2020

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