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Frolicking About

I am always a sucker for Quilt-Alongs or Mystery Quilts and have participated in several. Over the past several years, I have done Bonnie Hunter’s annual holiday mystery quilt and this year I have followed along with Alex Anderson making a Sequoia Sampler, a Kaffe Fassett mystery, and now a basket quilt. I also signed up for the National Quilt Museum’s star quilt (but it started with paper-piecing–so that was a no-go) and now the Moda Pink quilt for Breast Cancer. And I think I am just avoiding getting back into doing artwork.

The past few years have been difficult with health issues sapping much of my time and energy. It is difficult to be creative when short on sleep; and sleep comes slowly to joints swollen and daily activity is limited by how much standing and walking my back will tolerate. Sitting is okay—but working creatively requires multiple trips up and down–collecting materials, re-arranging them, working on them, and then repeating the entire process.

But I digress.

Bonnie Hunter’s last quilt involved making a lot of parts—too many parts…this allowed selecting some for the completed large quilt but meant left=over parts.

I put all of these left-overs into this small lap quilt. It is now bound and ready for someone to enjoy covering up with it during the winter months ahead while reading a book or watching a movie.

Frolicking 45 by 60
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