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Pumpkin Moon

Days seem to pass without a lot of definition and not being quite sure what day of the month it is or even what month it is seems to be a common malady in these really weird times. In times before paper calendars and watches and electronic devices, people kept time by the phases of the moon and the changing seasons whether it be fall color or rain.

Yesterday was a full moon.

A year or more ago, there was an eclipse of the moon—we observed it on the nearby beach–it was definitely very cold that night–but it was fun. The next eclipse, I took photos standing on the sidewalk in front of our house despite the street lamps. That was also a fun adventure as we interspersed it with a movie—the wonders of DVD’s and Netflix where you can stop whenever you like.

This October there will be two full moons—yesterday’s–taken from my front porch and then on October 31—the Blue Moon.

I suppose it looks a bit orange—and that is Mars just below it. Venus is also visible in the morning sky but it is hard to pick out much due to the street lamps.

Another view from my front porch

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