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Autocross as a spectator sport

lineup20of20auto20cross20class-mYears ago Sunday shopping was not particularly prevalent and so one of the big box stores allowed an autocross course to be set up in their parking lot. This was in Augusta Georgia. It was a timed event with each person mostly competing against themselves but also in a class of vehicles matched for horsepower and maneuverabilty.

In this weird time, finding things to do that don’t involve vacuuming or cleaning closets but somewhat social is a challenge. Two friends do autocross and the event was in Lake Charles about an hour and a half away.

We set off in Tessie. Tessie zooms up to be within a certain timed distance behind other vehicles–this can be more than a tad disconcerting as you aren’t quite sure it is going to stop accelerating. However, sitting in a nice cool air conditioned car while watching the autocross was quite nice.

There was a wide range of vehicles ranging from something that looked like a skateboard with an engine mounted to a truck with a spoiler in the bed. Unlike motorcycle events where a localized radio announcer described the events and the racers, this was just visual.

Still, it was a nice interlude in a series of days that seem to run endlessly together.more20of20the20lineup-m

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