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Keeping busy and sort of out of trouble

The middle of March seems a century ago—when we all started this lockdown business and the daily review of headlines featuring Covid-19. Like some/many I thought it was a time to get a lot of things done without the distraction of ‘going’ and I set some rather ambitious goals…like a clean dusted house—fat chance with two busy dogs in and out all day long.

House is still dusty in spots but I’ve accomplished a few things. Garden has produced an abundance of funky looking cucumbers, I’ve tried some ambitious meals, and then there was that huge stack of quilt tops including my mother’s stack of tops intended for her grand-children.

I finished up a box of her left-over blocks—and then discovered my grandmother’s left-overs—but I can look at these three stacks….

Here are a few of the quilts I will be sorting by type into those vinyl blanket storage cases–it is not all of them.


And here is the stack awaiting binding with more at home.


And here is the stack to be quilted—yes, just two of them…a 45 by 60 in the plastic box and another larger one under that red fabric destined to be its binding.



I thought about showing my stack of empty boxes—I’m clearing out partially completed projects– but then I’d have to do a bit or a lot of dusting again.



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