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Dangling Participles V

Although life seems to be in slow motion these days as we read the daily counts of positive tests and wonder when or if we can all get back to ‘normal’, I’ve been busy.

Last week, we took advantage of a somewhat clear day–meaning overcast with the occasional gratefully received raindrop or two to take a walk in the local state park. Village Creek is about fifth-teen miles away—and then there was honey to process and work—and ……

So back to the quilt.

It is now on the frame and about half quilted. I’ll finish it up today and then it will join the huge stack of quilts waiting for binding.

Here is the left side of the quilt all completed. You will see it better in the shot I took of it on the frame.resolution20of20left20side-mtop20of20left20side-mcompleted20left20side-m

In keeping with the idea of using what I have—I do have enough money to buy new and there is the fun of opening a package delivered by our wonderful UPS driver Mike or our postcarrier—I’ve heard her name but have forgotten it—a wonderfully conscientious always smiling….but this fabric was some of my mother’s from her quilt shop days—it was definitely not something I would choose but with a nice strip of a few of the left-over strips and small bits, it makes for a nice back. I always make the label after I have finished the quilt top—then it is done.backing20being20pressed-m

This quilt is 80 by 90—a good size. I’ll try to get a full on photo after it is bound—but I am struggling to find a way to photo those quilts not destined to hang on walls—and therefore without sleeves for easy presentation and photography in my makeshift photo studio.putting20quilt20on20frame-m

I like to put the backing on first, let it rest overnight under tension, drape the batting and the top to let them hang freely to relax some of the wrinkles, and then fold up the top and the batting over it to prevent fading—there is a large window facing south with a lot of sun streaming through–thus the lighting on all my photos of quilts in the frame.



I was very pleased with myself to have emptied out that box of disparate parts until I was cleaning/tidying–i.e. procrastinating by moving things from one place to another in my sewing room until I discovered a boot box filled with blocks—I think they may have been my grandmother’s—-so another quilt in the making—-but I’ll work on some other projects first.

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