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An Ocean View

shipThursday was a fine day for a trip to the beach and a picnic. We live just 30 some miles from the Gulf but our favorite time to visit is during the winter months. Quarantine days and social distancing have grown more than a tad old; our days seem to run together with little change. The weather is hot and humid but Thursday was clear and sunny.


I packed a simple lunch—yeast roll with cream cheese and slice of ham and a chilled wataermelon–did not think to provide a cutting board and utensils but I did remember to stick in a large knife.

We drove to McFadden National Wildlife refuge, opted to not drive out to the beach although Tessie si 4 wheel drive, walked up and down the beach. I had to get my feet and ankles and the bottom of my pants legs wet in the waves. There were a few other people there–not many as it was not yet the weekend.

A largish mesquite tree provided some shade for our lunch and we made a mess of the watermelon.

Our next stop was the Dick Dowling State Park. In the past, there were two restaurants offering barbecue crabs; they have been gone for many years—tax problems and there are no more re-enactments of the famous naval battle fought there. It has been renamed as a historical battlefield site. It also was nearly deserted but with a lovely long walkway along the river.

All told we drove about 120 miles or so—a fun day.

I’ve put a few more photos of the day in this gallery for your viewing pleasure without the heat and humidity—you’ll have to provide your own watermelon.


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