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This quarantine has been challenging—and although I am not really doing anything much differently from my usual, life feels stale and stagnant.

With so many entities posting on-line courses and challenges, I decided to try making some hand-made books. About ten or more years ago, I made a lot of fiber based books and I still enjoy making covers for Marble notebooks along with fiber postcards. Working with paper requires different skills and I am certainly an amateur.

This month’s challenge was to make book cloth; and use it to make a slim case bound book. I used a mixed media paper, the cardboard backing from one of those yellow lined legal pads, tissue paper from a gift and a small strip of fabric adhered to fusible interfacing.

I’m not sure I got the grain of the signatures aligned properly; the signatures are not sewn as closely together as perhaps they should have been and I somehow managed to sew one signature in upside down—-but it is done and ready for me to paint/draw/glue stuff onto its pages. slim20case20book-m

the end paper was a scrap paper used to clean up from printing


and here you can see the spine with the signatures


the other people on the facebook group have posted some wonderful pieces; I am a complete novice at this—but it has been fun and a good diversion.

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