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Time to Boast

Nearly everyone I knew had a garden when I grew up; tomatoes, carrots, radishes, sweet corn, and a row of zinnias and marigolds.

It has been a struggle for me to learn the proper season to plant things here as we can plant and grow things year round—a bizarre thought for those of us living through snowbound December through April and frosts starting in August and ending in late May.

So it is with pride that I can show a zucchini about five inches long, a Roma tomato (we have already eaten four from the garden—there is just something about a freshly picked vine ripened tomato—-and cucumbers–again so sweet and so different from those waxed green things from the supermarket.

We had fresh lettuce for three months–so much nicer than from the store where many fingers have touched and tossed and otherwise manipulated.

My peach tree disappointedly turned out to be an apricot tree and the fig tree had ornamental thumb sized green figs instead of the large purple ones we wanted—these were from the Master Gardener local sale—but the lemon tree we bought from a friend’s nursery has produced annually in great abundance as has the satsuma.

I present to you a cucumber blossom followed by photos of produce—truly an accomplishment for me but fairly low on the entertainment and interesting plot for all of you devoted readers.


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