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Spider lilies

When we first moved to this part of the world, I was impressed by the length of the spring wildflower display. Bluebonnets and primrose and paintbrush and sunflowers and cone flowers were in abundance. Then there were the crepe myrtles and the fruit trees and the wisteria and gardenias and camelias.

But there was one that I coveted—-the wild lilies that grew along the banks of swampy areas. One time I stopped and attempted to dig one up to transplant to my yard—but I would have needed hip boots, some sort of snake repellent and a shovel–not a little hand trowel.

A friend gave me some bulbs or rhizomes (not horticulturally sure which is correct term) and we planted them on the side of my shed—during downpours this area will flood. The first few years were challenging but now I have several healthy clumps and here are some of those lovely blooms.


and a closer look.


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