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Most of us have been depending upon mail order/UPS/Fedex for supplies and to be blunt about it—presents for ourselves. Shopping on-line is a diversion and then there is the anticipation (like Christmas) of packages arriving on the doorstep–and was it something my husband ordered for himself (or sometimes for me!) or something I thought I needed.

Some of us have taken up new hobbies or discovered the tools of hobbies put aside in the busyness of life.

I had dabbled in making hand-made books, taken a few classes, made some fabric books, but thought that I might give making books another try.

Art supply/craft stores may or may not be essential businesses but mail order was possible.

I tried waxing the binding thread with beeswax ( I have plenty of that) but it isn’t easy and I did not have linen thread unless I unraveled some linen cloth and that didn’t seem too practical.

So I ordered some along with some paper. The paper arrived a couple of weeks later.

Still later, another box arrived. I expected waxed linen thread.

I discovered this!


And it is oil, not acrylic or water color.

When I called the company, the clerk was so apologetic. I suspect they are as frazzled as grocery store clerks trying to stock the toilet paper aisle.

My waxed linen thread is on the way once again. I can only wonder at their stocking system which puts oil paint next to linen thread—-but then maybe the picker was roaming the aisles with more than one open box in the cart to fill.

That tube of paint is happily on its way to a friend who has started cold wax painting.

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