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Dresses for Savanna

One of my grand-daughter’s birthday falls in the middle of April. Her mom always plans some wonderfully fun parties–last year it was a tea party for girls and their dolls; ‘tea’ was served from beautiful flowered teapots—I think it was either Coca Cola or Pepsi along with some lovely cupcakes and tea sandwiches. This year, there was no birthday party.

My birthday is in March and in Wisconsin it seemed there was always a blizzard and bad weather that week and so rarely did I have even a cake in celebration. Now, I prefer the acknowledgement, no cake but a nice dinner out and maybe a card or two. But I am no longer in preteen years.

So what is a doting grandmother to do?

My supplies were limited but I managed to make two dresses–one more a long blouse both with adjustable ties. The pinky-purple one is silk—and was that ever a challenge to sew!  The ruffle on the bottom of the blue dress is double eyelet—I practiced quite a bit on the little serger I bought decades ago. Off they went in one of those priority boxes along with a coloring book for her older brother.

Her daddy was kind enough to send me a photo of her wearing the blue dress—with a big missing teeth smile— If I could figure out how to copy a photo from messenger to here–you could see that lovely young lady—but here is a picture of the dresses hanging on my work room.


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