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Bunnies and ducks and a bear

One of the things my mother did well was embroider. She spent many hours in the backyard of her girlhood home embroidering with her best friend from next door. Somehow I ended up with these embroidered little creatures. I scanned the embroideries, resized and printed on some cardstock to send to my grandchildren.

The  cards were definitely not perfectly printed but then this is an experiment and a learning curve for me.

Those embroidered creatures were in an old enveloped marked Mautz paint; Dad was a painter and used their paints preferentially for his work in painting houses and barns. He far preferred barns and one year he painted the fairground buildings and the Catholic church; he didn’t like houses because ladies always had their pretty flowers planted around the sides and he was supposed to move his ladders so as to not disturb the plantings.

Here are the three embroideries I chose for Easter cards for my grands.





I did learn a few things with this project; rotate the pieces before uploading; smugmug has a nice editor but photoshop elements is far more robust. I also learned I needed to change to print size to much large to keep all the image on the print-out. The cards are printed; waiting for me to write a little note to each grand=child and then to pop them in our mailbox to send on their way.


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  1. Deb Lybarger #


    These are lovely treasures from your mother. What a unique idea for Easter cards for your grandchildren. I hope they end up in a scrapbook for each child to look at when they are revisiting their past many years from now. A wonderful way to look back at something their great-grandmother made during her childhood … and … what their wonderful grandmother did with these cherished embroidered pieces to brighten their Easter during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

    April 11, 2020

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