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weirbees20booth-mIn the midst of all the chaos surrounding corona virus, the local quilt guild had its planned biennial quilt show. At the last minute–well–really about a month ago, I decided to be a vendor at this event.

I had a lot of honey and the bees were ramping up for another productive year. And I had a lot of postcards and covered books  and had enjoyed making Teddy Bears and of course had plenty of smallish and not so smallish fiber art pieces. I thought it would be a good practice run to see if I liked this kind of thing and would care to repeat it elsewhere.

Setting up is a lot of work; lots of trips from the truck to the designated booth. I reviewed some hints as to setting up a booth–open to the front; offer something free. I had planned to offer tastings of my honey but not with the corona virus doings. So I opted for a free not so fancy completed postcard–I had lots of those.

The first day (Friday) we had half the usual crowd; the second day very few. However, I did well. I sold out of jar honey, sold half of my whipped and comb honey along with some art pieces and a lot of post cards. The guild did a great job in organizing the vendor spaces, looking after us with treat/sustenance bags and a fantastic peanut butter chocolate chip cookie around 2:30 on Saturday afternoon.

My husband came to help to disassemble the booth; it goes faster with two. And we discovered the wagon I use to work the bees had four very flat tires–and pulled a lot easier once we filled its tires back at its home garage.

I had planned to have a SQUARE to take credit cards but could not make it work…its hard to figure out things when pressed for time and a busy booth and being solo.

Would I do it again?

Yes, I’m already looking at some display framework. It was fun talking to everyone a d I was happy to see some Teddy Bears go home to new homes.

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