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Off to see the Wizard

When I was five, I begged my cousin to teach me how to read. No-one could ever satisfy me with enough reading out loud; she told me would teach me to tie my own shoes instead. That did not seem nearly as important or as useful as reading as the shoes worked just fine without the laces being tied in a neat bow.

When invited to participate in the book illustration challenge of the local quilt guild, I was pleased to participate. Every other year, a book is chosen; the last book was Jules Verne’s story about the underseas adventures of Captain Nemo and his submarine. I chose the part of the beautiful colors of ice as they were stuck under the Antartic Ice Cap.

This year’s selection was The Wizard of Oz.  The movie and the book are very different, but I chose to illustrate with a rendering of a California Poppy. I took several photos of California poppies, sorted through a stack of possible background fabrics; stitched away and put it on stretcher bars.

The local symphony played the music from the film while the film was shown on a large screen behind and above the orchestra. This piece went home with someone.


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