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Trees in the Middle of the Road

Our recent trip to Rockport and surrounds included several ‘big trees’. I dutifully took pictures of them all, reflecting upon the similar big trees we have here in Beaumont Texas, many of which fell victim to Hurricane Rita, then Ike, and a few more to Harvey and Imelda.

Thinking back upon trees from other places, though—–

A very large cottonwood tree stood in the middle of Blackhawk Avenue in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. It was reported to be the meeting place of Blackhawk, the Indian chief during one of the discussions during some of the wars fought in that area. I recall seeing old photos of that tree…Blackhawk Avenue is the primary commercial street. It was cut down after being hit by lightening in the 1920’s to a lot of consternation from some, and good riddance to others. Another legend has Geronimo hiding out in one of the local caves.

There is also a large tree in the middle of the street in several Texas towns and perhaps other cities as well. They tend to be in the not so commercial areas. I seem to remember Gonzalez; there is one in Columbus and I’m sure there are others.

Here is one in LaGrange Texas, just two blocks north of the courthouse square.


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