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Indigo from India

Several years ago I bought two lovely large cotton batik indigo pieces in Colorado. It was my plan to quilt them together so as to have a double sided light weight quilt for summer nights.

I decided I wanted to use flannel as the batting; and as I have been diligently working on the quilt tops that have accumulated over the years—I’m not fond of basting===clean off the dining room table, put down popsicle sticks to mark the centers, tape and pin and roll—but with a long arm–basting is now a breeze—or actually not needed except at the edges.

I loaded up the bottom, smoothed out the flannel lining and put on the top layer.

Now what?

I had planned to use a deep warmish cranberry red as the thread—thought about doing fancy custom work—and then realized it would not be very visible so why go to all that work.

Pantograph it was.

Each row takes about 15 minutes to complete. I finished up three rows; my back is not happy doing all this standing–and came back to it the next day—–but——the laser light did not work.

Turned everything off and then back on again–still no luck. Called the dealer—I needed a new laser light–and it would be easy to install.

Laser light arrived yesterday.

Installed without a hitch—I did need to use the flashlight to see where the hex fit on the side.

I am now back up and running. Did three more rows and quit for the day—maybe tomorrow will be another two or three rows—I think there are about 6 rows left.


and here is a detail of the stitching


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