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UFOs in the land of fiber

Starting a new project is always fun and exciting—and maybe like others, I suffer from the ‘my ambitions and ideas are bigger than my hands can finish’ syndrome.

I have always had more than one project going, trying to pair an older one with a newer one to keep up the excitement and interest. But two years ago, I stumbled upon the American patchwork UFO Quilt challenge.

First you pull out the old projects—I had already done that and put them in boxes and labeled and made a list. Then you choose twelve and fill in a sheet from one to twelve. If you are really brave, you post it on their facebook site.

Then each month, a number is pulled and that is the project you work on for the month. Sometimes you think–oh, no, why did I put that on the list—but once started, it gets easier. I haven’t finished all the projects I listed–as some took a lot more time than I thought they would—and work was especially busy—and I like to have them completed–stitched, quilted, bound, and photo’ed.

And of course, one of the guilds I belong to decided on the same challenge—but they had to be different—so that meant EIGHTEEN projects.

I can say the stack of quilt tops is diminishing; the project boxes are emptying—but I seem to e adding new projects along the way—but trying very hard to show restraint.

Here are two from this year—one was quilted and the other finished into a top and put into the to be quilted pile.


this was a round robin; it started with the center camel batik from Africa


left over strip pieces from a workshop with Nancy Crow

and here is a closeup of the quilting


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