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Sunsets in Del Rio

One of my jobs involves doing disability exams for social security. This means a lot of driving and one of the places I go is Del Rio.

I usually leave around 9 or so and arrive around 5. I don’t drive particularly fast and I have to allow for traffic snags, the bridge being out in Channelview, road construction everywhere, and the occasional accident.

Del Rio is a border town with many people living in Mexico, getting medical care and medications in Mexico. The Rio Grande has been dammed creating Amistad Reservoir, a huge lake with lots of fishing. The surrounding area is desert with yucca, palm trees, and various cacti.

This last weekend, I hiked along two trails; was pleased not to see any creatures who had lost their legs in their ancient family tree. The weather was perfect–not too hot, not to cold, and with just a snitch of a breeze.

The reservoir was relatively full and the grass and vegetation looked lush, compared to other visits when just scuffing my shoes made me wonder if that would ignite a fire.

The sunset Saturday night was spectacular and taken from my second story room.


Friday night sunset from my window overlooking Veteran’s Boulevard in Del Rio


View of the reservoir from one of the trails


Another view of the reservoir with some of the fishing floats constructed of huge tractor tires


Sunset Saturday night; photo does not accurately display the gorgeous colors; looking toward Veterans boulevard in Del Rio Texas

More photos of Texas from this year are in this gallery:

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