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A honey of a job

Bees are some of the most fascinating creatures. Although the ant is depicted as industrious, I think honey bees are far more organized and incredibly busy fulfilling their tiny little task in the hive.

Some years ago, I took a class in Asian Art—we studied some of the huge statues in India–imagine your entire life’s work as being one small square on Buddha’s forehead or the right side of his left nostril. Bees fortunately do not think about their ultimate destiny—they just concentrate on the job at hand.

There are lots of amazing details about the life of bees, how many trips they make to make a drop of honey or how much work it is to make the wax that seals the honey and so forth.

From my perspective, harvesting honey is a sticky time-consuming task. I process the frames in my kitchen and no matter how careful I am, everything is sticky when I finish. Like processing fruits and vegetables, it is always hot work and I can understand why there were summer kitchens.comb20honey20processing-m

This year we split hives and so our honey harvest was not so large as it could have been. Bees are now harvesting goldenrod pollen along with nectar to store for the winter ahead. img_3799-mThat yellow glob is pollen headed for storage in the frame—pollen is the equivalent of our steak or pork chop or chicken leg.


If you want to be a beekeeper at your laptop while not having to wear a beesuit in the middle of 90 plus degree weather; take a look at this gallery of photos:

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