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The pile is shrinking

In a fit of organization, I catalogued, organized, and labeled all the undone projects in my sewing room. I also did the same with the quilt tops awaiting quilting. Cleverly I even added dimensions, the need for a back or label. That stack was embarrassingly high and did not include twenty some quilts for my mother’s grand-children—left for me to quilt and gift on the occasion of their wedding.

There are four of those left and maybe one wedding in the near future, but my stack of tops has been cut in half.

In the past, I signed up for a lot of workshops at the local guild; and then there were all the exchanges so a lot of parts and starts—and they all glare at me insisting upon completion. I must admit, though, I have cheated just a bit, well perhaps more than just a bit. Now those bits and pieces become covers for Marble notebooks.

Layering and basting was always a challenge requiring clearing off of the dining room table, getting out pins and masking tape and popsicle sticks (that PVC pipe method looks intriguing) but now Vivian the Gammill makes short easy work of that task. I like to load the backing and leave it stretched overnight before quilting the next day…smooth…no wrinkles..and ten minutes of work instead of two hours or more.

I also drape the top over the rails, letting it dangle and relax some of the fold lines from being in that stack.


This was an exchange with the Happy Scrappers. There was some really ugly fabric in there (most of it mine!) but look how pretty it is..and it is bound, folded up into one of those closet storage containers ready to gift when the right occasion presents itself.

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