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I’ve been making these little blocks for several years now. I have one of those document boxes full of them despite using a large number in a group project. They are all 6.5 inches square and are sewn as leader-enders as I work on other projects. Using them to leave on the bed of the sewing machine between the construction seams of quilt blocks or dresses or making binding for quilts along with a single needle plate means a starting point doesn’t crawl down to be greet the bobbin, and there aren’t so many loose threads to bunch up in the casters of your chair.

Making them is rather addictive; it doesn’t take long to have a large pile sitting on the ironing board ready to press and then square up and then add the next bits of scrap. While working away on several art pieces, I constructed these nearly completed squares.


As you can see, a real mish-mash.

But then I rearranged the pieces and added these strips.


That center space will be filled with a portrait of my aunt as a telephone operator. She ran the switchboard in the days of party lines and needing to listen for your particular ring set. I’ve started on the drawings but not quite happy with what I have so far. My process includes doing the drawing, then enlarging it via photocopy to the appropriate size, then on to the fabric and thread portion.

I am not a fast worker and need to take breaks to stop, think, and do more looking before moving forward.

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