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Starting a New Project

The word prompt for our next art group meeting is “SHOES….Historical”.

It has become a bit of a challenge to come up with an idea to illustrate the word that is just not the usual kind of image. So far there is a jester’s shoe and a mockup of the shoe Marie Antoinette wore on her way to the guillotine.

I took this photo of discarded auto parts several years ago–brake shoes. A bit more research and perusal of a repair manual, line drawings and I had a basic plan in mind.


Then on to selecting fabrics. I knew what colors I wanted to use—and these parts were laying on the ground with some leaf litter. The background of oak leaves on a dark background was perfect–then on to the brake shoes and the spring. I found two pieces of rusted muslin–perfect for those rusty parts—the spring had to be a different color–not true to life bu contrasting.


And yes that is a Tide box. I store my fabric in Tide boxes…it always smells nice and no problems with mildew in this humid climate.

I use freezer paper templates and free=hand cut some pieces. They are appliqued by hand using a fine thread onto the background—it is now ready for the machine work. It will be covered with a lot of thread to show both detail and form.


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