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It is done!

Some years ago–and I’m not telling how many, my dear friend and I hit upon the idea of working through EQ (a quilt designing program) to come up with a sampler quilt. Each of us would make two rows, we set the finished size of the quilt and therefore the rows and chose a group of blocks–primitive style—we would select from. We each contributed background fabric. Our rules were that we could use other fabrics of our choice to finish each block but that we would each have the same background for the blocks.

We prepped the backgrounds and slipped the pattern into a packet with each background.

I worked away at mine for a few weeks; but then got interested in other projects and set it aside.

American Patchwork has a challenge each year—to complete UFO’s; you select twelve, number them and they draw a number each month–and you work on the corresponding project. I did this last year and got 8 projects completed; this year I am a bit behind–only 4 so far but most of them this year were barely started. This was one of them.

I learned a lot from this project.

Some blocks are not meant to be huge.

Some blocks are not meant to be tiny.

I am better at embroidery than applique.

It is much easier to make the label for the back when you are working on the top–I use leftover blocks and fabrics, print out the pertinent information, trace it (my handwriting is not neat) and then it is ready.

But this huge monster is now completed and bound.



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