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Of pelicans and seagulls and grackles

grackle20along20fo20rthe20ride-mGalveston is a seashore city accessible by two routes; one by interstates and a lot of traffic. The other is by ferry. Now, occasional ferry rides are a fun interlude in daily life. Waiting in the hot sun for access to work is probably not. I have the luxury of only the occasional trip to Galveston; to see the new rheumatologist my insurance company has deigned as ‘in-network’.

Lining up on the ferry access road requires some patience, we are motioned to drive onboard and park closely to the vehicle ahead of us. After the ferry is loaded, the ride begins. Returning is the same process.

I always hope to see dolphins swimming alongside; but this week there were only seagulls and pelicans–the seagulls hoping for bread and the pelicans for fish turned up by the ferry’s engines. There was a lovely breeze and it wasn’t too hot and the wait not too long–so a pleasant crossing.

shirmper-mOcean going vessels and shrimpers are a common sight and the ferry must maneuver around them being much quicker and more agile than the large vessels—I never knew how big they really were until some years ago, I was invited to a dinner aboard–and told to drive my truck onboard. Unlike most parking garages, there was plenty of overhead clearance…some of these vessels transport fighter jets and tanks around the world.


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