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Hercules and Norse mythology

Sometimes events pop up in the local newspaper.

Sometimes there are TWO interesting events on the same night.

We had a choice between Norse mythology and cowboys.

Interesting contrast that–maybe some similarities–adventures, all life’s belongings in one small container–for the Norse it was a chest used as a rowing seat, for the cowboy it was a bedroll.

We had toured the Clifton Steamboat museum in the distant past but were surprised to see how the complex has grown.

There is a tugboat there—Hercules! sitting there in the middle of a nicely mown lawn; and Remington bronzes scattered about the grounds. I have not seen so many ship models in one place other than in a ship museum in Virginia.

Inside a handful of people including some Boy Scouts in their uniforms listened to stories about Norse mythology, trolls, rosemaling, design details and then the two tapestries. Most people have heard of the Bayeaux tapestry and these are similar in nature although embroidered recently. According to the curator (who carved the frames and the Viking/Norse models), upper aristocracy would begin a tapestry upon the birth of a son; it would include the details of his life and was kept rolled up on large reels–similar to the spools used in commercial weaving/cloth factories. I have two of those spindles from a closed factory in Georgia.

The museum is not crowded, the parking is plentiful and close. The opening hours are limited but it is a fun visit.

I may be inspired to make a tapestry detailing a story.


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