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In my Eye


Here is my eye!

I do have two of them.

They are a kind of greeny brown changing in color a bit depending upon what I am wearing. I always wanted blue eyes and that song–Turn my brown eyes blue seemed written just for me.

So I married someone with gorgeous blue eyes and have three sons with equally gorgeous blue eyes.

This piece is going to Sacred Threads for a special exhibit featuring the human eye.

Sacred Threads is a textile/quilt show featuring works of spirituality and human emotions. Some of the pieces are lovely, others reveal the anguish of life.

I’m not sure what mine really reflects.

The background is denim–my favorite go-to fabric, my face is a feedsack, my eye an architectural print, the lenses of my glasses is tulle–a party fabric, and then there is the thread–lots of thread.

It measures 5 by 23; and was a nice diversion from a larger piece that I hope to finish in the next few weeks and show how it came to be.


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