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Drizzled Stitching

Earlier this month, I spent several wonderful days with several friends in a remote beautiful house near Athens Texas. My GPS stopped working just as I made my way through the center of Palestine—and then I was on my own.

Calling my husband when I admitted I was lost—our connection was bad, he could hear me sometimes and so I was shouting at the phone over the noise of my diesel engine—what a trip—but then I was there and warmly greeted.

I worked very diligently on the projects I had brought with me–sewing and setting up the applique blocks for a quilt we had planned many years earlier. I worked on a notebook cover and a sketchbook cover—I like having them decorated so I know which is the right side to open.

img_0735-mWe worked on a wool coat, started painting on some icons–the two I was assigned are still in initial stages.

And of course we ate—and we ate well. Here is one meal—fix20your20own20salad20day-m

And then this is what the outside looked like on the cheeriest day—a good impetus to stay inside and warm ourselves by the heat of our sewing machine engines/motors.img_0734-m

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