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April showers came a bit early this year

peach20tree20closer-mEach morning I get up, look out my bedroom window, hoping to see vistages of sunshine. But the last few weeks have been gray, drizzly, foggy, and COLD!

My Wisconsin relatives think that it is always hot here and our houses are warm and cozy. This house is designed for heat outside, not cold outside—and I wear slippers and robe and each sitting area has a set of afghans or quilts to wrap up in.

But then there are the flowers.

Azaleas are in full bloom. Ditto the peach tree–and maybe I will get some peaches this year. We picked the last satsuma three weeks ago—we had become quite spoiled–want some fresh fruit, just go pick one or two off the tree.

I still have lemons to process–maybe I’ll make some marmalade–there are still dozens left on the tree. Again, so spoiled.–want a fresh lemon–just go pick one or two.

I understand another major snow storm is forecast for this weekend—for all my relatives and friends who live in the icebox regions of our world–perhaps you can enjoy these blooms—and spend a few minutes looking through your seed catalogs which somehow always arrive in mid January.

Here is the link to the azaleas and peach blossoms.



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