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Last week’s photo assignment was ‘opposites’.  While I always have good intentions of getting my photo done, uploaded, and then looking at all the other entries, time seems to slip away from me no matter hard hard I try to grasp it.

So I am late with this one–but here it is.

Feeding the gulls from the stern of the ferry is a pleasure nearly each trip. While I don’t take bread with me, others do, particularly those with young children or with grandparents–I guess those of us in that latter category are happy with simple pleasures.

One particular family of a man–not too happy with the project, a young girl of about three, and her mother proceeded to the back of the ferry–I was the last vehicle on board and so they were right behind me.

The mother tossed some bread into the air and attempted to capture their flight with her cell phone. Although she was offering them bread, and disappointed at times, dove so close to her head, I’m sure she thought their feet would tangle in her hair.

The little girl stood next to the gunnels, holding a slice of bread in her hand–hoping the gulls would snatch it from her hand—but she wasn’t tall enough to reach the siderails and the gulls ignored her.

These gulls kept a close eye on the entire project—and became my opposites–two watching and one flying.cropped20gulls-m

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