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Apricot the Llama

Valentine’s Day fell during the iconography workshop and we (Jeanelle and I), decided we wanted to give a small token of our appreciation to the wonderful ladies who fed us quite royally during our workshop.

This meant we had to take a trip to Walmart for ‘supplies’. While there we walked through rows of huge bins filled with stuffed creatures–a pink teddy bear six feet tall, a green stegasaurus four feet long, and then there was the Llama!

It was huge. It had nose hairs.

And I was sure Jeanelle needed it to ride shotgun in her little car that can’t carry much more than her purse in the backseat.

We resisted temptation.

But when I got home, I decided I would make a smaller version of that llama, one for Jeanelle and one for the Spotlight Auction held at SAQA’s annual convention.

I found a photo of an Apricot Llama, used the background fabric of some I had bought in San Francisco many years ago; hand-embroidered details, hand-quilted, and then bound Jeanelle’s.

By the time this is posted, Jeanelle’s Apricot will be able to preside over her sewing room/studio or ride shotgun in her little car.


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