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Woman is at the Well again

Once a month, I write up the doings of the BAFA group–a fiber art critique group that falls under the broad umbrella of SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Association). The group does not have any membership requirements other than to show up, learn, and do the work. It has been vastly more successful than I had ever dreamed it would be and I am immensely proud of the work these folks have produced and the conversations regarding art and critique beyond ‘how nice!” or “cute” or “pretty”.

Like any group of people there are decided opinions about certain things such as religion and politics. Along with another member, I attended the icon workshop and produced an icon. Instead of attaching the photo to the write-up for the month, I am including it here for those who wish to  see the completed piece.

While I am not ashamed or embarrassed or any way denying my particular stance on this subject, I am not willing to shove it into the face of others who may not have the same view as myself. It is a piece of artwork, one I worked on for several days using an unfamiliar medium. I could see many parallels in the manner of working to what I do with fabric.

My friend and I have challenged ourselves to continue working both in this media, to explore it a bit more, to understand more of the history, and perhaps to explore a more contemporary version both in the media and in textiles.

Or this may be  a series of one.

Life is meant for exploration. icon20painting-m


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