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The Woman at the Well

icon20with20metal20angel-mPainting an icon was never on my bucket list of things to do–but like many things turned out to be something I really did want to do.

Spending a week on just one small image about the size of a piece of typing paper was both intense and relaxing. Egg yolk was prepared, pigments mixed, lakes of pigment applied to areas, drying time ensued, lines and highlights were applied, veils of forgiveness placed–covering up some of the mistakes of the previous day or at least making them not so obvious.

Gold leaf application is not easy, making small lines with a brush that initially seems quite delicate but when applying small areas seems like a brush made to paint the side of a barn….and then retreating to the kitchen where five wonderful ladies prepared tempting snacks and lunches….

organ204-mChecking on the progress of the pipe organ being installed by a French Canadian company–each pipe is shipped in its own shipping container…they lined the hallways–until one day three containers were GONE—down the hallways to the sanctuary to be installed.

On Friday our icons were all placed together on the floor—all blessed and then carried home. Finishing layers of egg remain to be completed in about six to 8 weeks.

I don’t have a photo of my icon–there is a partial glimpse of it in one photo-…maybe after I finish sealing it–and perhaps after I complete the next art piece  I have in mind.

Here are photos from the week.


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