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Something I don’t miss

sun20is20definately20up-MThis photo was taken while I was in Colorado in November.

Snow is lovely to look at.

The sound of falling snow is peaceful.

Sun glistening off the snow and the treetops covered with snow is beautiful.

Everything looks clean and fresh.

But then there is the shoveling that must be done before you can go anywhere.

Getting stuck because you can’t see where the road ends and the ditch begins.

Snow on your feet means wet floors inside.

Lit fireplaces means ashes spewed from chimneys and blackened, grayed, dirty snow.

Sun means melting snow with cold nights means a coating of ice on everything.

About a week’s worth of snow is just about right.

Here my ‘snow’ comes in liquid form—and stays around just about as long as it does in Colorado. Being just 30 feet above sea level means the water does not go anywhere very fast.

Photos are a good way to remember and enjoy without getting cold or wet or falling on the ice.

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