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Handy Hexies

hexies20quilted-MSometime a year or maybe it was two or three years ago, I decided to try English Paper Piecing. I wanted something simple, something I could work on while watching/listening to movies on Netflix–or maybe an oldie from our stash of DVD’s.

I found a die cutter and promptly began to cut out dozens of hexagons from advertisements, used envelopes and then hand-basting bits of fabric to them. After I had accumulated a small bagful I put them together in small flowerettes at first and then just randomly. Eventually it became too big to manipulate easily and so it is now quilted in straight lines and ready for binding—and to rejoin me in watching/listening to movie in the evening as my lap quilt in my somewhat drafty and chilly living room.

That washed out look on the top–is from the sun streaming in across my Gammill long arm sewing machine—also known as Vivian.

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