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Home at Last

I had splurged on a very nice room for the night–not my usual $50 a night or even just sleeping in my truck at a rest stop—far too cold for that.

I was met with this!morning20frost-m

Another morning of clearing my windscreen from frost; this time it took only ten minutes and I was on my way.some20sun-m

Depending upon GPS to find my way is not always a good thing—when there is road construction and the exit you are supposed to take is closed. I got more than a bit turned around in Fort Worth but managed to find my way south until the GPS finally figured out where I was and guided me back to 287.

I arrived around 3 in the afternoon–not bad for having been lost twice in north Texas. But then, the truck must be unloaded, laundry addressed, photos sorted, labeled and uploaded—all too overwhelming when all I wanted to do was sink into the couch with a nice cup of hot tea.

I have a lot of photos from this trip–wished I had taken more but I’ve uploaded the best of the lot—and here they all are for your viewing pleasure.  Most are labeled and they are sequential. You can enjoy them without getting your fingers frozen from scraping ice, or your feet wet from the snow or driving through foggy sleety mist.


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