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Life in the Sew Line

Getting away for a few days with friends to enjoy a new location always seems to inspire my creative juices. From the decor of the quilt shop and the retreat center to the great food prepared (my assignment was to buy a bag of tortilla chips and a jar of Pace Picante and then to open that bag and put it into a bowl), all the projects put up on the wall, consultations regarding sashing and design, shopping in the quilt store (I bought a wonderful piece featuring Kellogg Cereals) , fabric treats from France, and wandering about several really fun antique/junque emporiums.

The retreat house had lines of crocheted vintage doll clothes hung in each room by tiny clothespins.crocheted20dress-mcrochetd20dress20with20hat-m

Jeanelle  brought her word prompt pieces to show us.

I worked on a Modern Quilt guild donation quilt for a Women’s Shelter in Katy.

I found a few fun things on our junk wanderings;

tobacco tins

a dragonoutdorr20dragon-m

an junkart gardenart20garden20in20la20porte-m

wooden boxes of Dr. Nut (there were at least a hundred–holding up shelves and holding objectsdr20nut-m

a plastic cowboycowboy-m

a bullet shuttle Franklin treadle sewing machine with cabinet in perfect condition but lacking one drawer that I dearly wanted to take home with me but resisted.


a vintage motor scooter–again hard to resist but I was strong:motor20scooter-m

thermometers with nifty sayings: dials20and20clocks-m

several square yards of these: ordnance-m

and who wouldn’t want a handful of barb wire samples? barb20wire20in20drawer-m

and then there were the flower garden beds all around with flowers in bloom. I fancied this miniature rose.mini20rose-m


It’s amazing how much time it takes to pack up to leave and then to unpack when you get home—and then where did my scissors go? And how about my ruler? And what are these fabric squares for?


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