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Wisconsin Walls 2

You might think we were happy with our work in the master bedroom and we were. But we had another room that was only partially finished—the living room.

This room has knotty pine on all the walls except one corner. This is where a small wood-burning stove will live. We are not planning on being year round residents and so just a little something to take the edge off the cool spring/fall mornings and evenings will be enough—I hope.

Fire retardant materials need to be installed behind and below and above such a thing. I thought corrugated siding would fit with the simple decor of the house. The ceiling of the living room and the kitchen were completed last summer but the stove area remained.

img_8862-mWe measured and cut….actually we both measured and I held and Glen cut; then I held up the panel and he used an electric screwdriver to fasten in the pieces. Again we had to allow for wall plugs. I left with only two panels hung but the next two have gone up and we will be on our way to having another room completed with the exception of the crown molding…..the floor is the original flooring my father remembers his father and brothers carefully placing.img_8903-m

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