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Wisconsin Walls

When you take a house down to its studs at some time you must replace those walls. The studs in this house were rough cut at a local sawmill and came from the Hog Woods also known as the Big Woods. This bit of land was not originally part of the farm but was bought a bit later and separately. I haven’t researched the land documents—a project for another time.

Knotty pine is up on much of the downstairs–the living room and the breakfast room. I wanted something that had no maintenance–no painting but would look warm and inviting.

One wall of the master bedroom was formerly the outside of the house–and had tar paper covering it. We decided we wanted to have a mural on that wall—one of our photos blown up into mural size—but it would require drywall first. This house is nearly a hundred years old and a bit of settling has occurred and some things just aren’t straight or even. img_8904-m

With two of us, we hung drywall along this wall and completed the cedar lining of the closet. All that is left in this room is the flooring, the crown molding, and the mural.img_8923-m



And yes, we know we installed that first sheet backwards—but after cutting out the wall plugs, we were committed to this side out.


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