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A Wedding

beginning20of20service-mAlthough I have a large family, I haven’t always been able to attend all the weddings–or the funerals. Weddings are planned events though and I was able to schedule a trip to Wisconsin for this one.

My niece loves the outdoors and it isn’t a great surprise that she should be marrying a former park ranger, now a private guide in Yellowstone National Park. The wedding was to be held outdoors—on her grandparent’s farm in rural Wisconsin–the driftless area with mountainous hills–the Ocooch Mountains–and rivers–the Kickapoo, the Wisconsin and to the west the Mississippi.

The bride made the vests for her to-be husband and his best man—and I did not ask–but I suspect she made her own dress–a very pretty lace dress. Her bouquet was crocheted roses–she made those too. The ceremony was traditional in many respects with a few differences—-the music was the maid of honor whistling ‘here comes the bride’, the groom’s parents walked him up to the altar—as did the bride’s–my brother and his wife.

Many of the guests had camped out for the weekend and there were several dogs wandering in and out of the chairs and the tents and the bridal couple.tents-m

It was a lovely wedding and a perfect day–not too hot–not too cold–and a light breeze kept the mosquitoes and gnats away.bride201-m

A few more photos are here:




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  1. Linda W Miles #

    Love it, outside in God’s greatest Temple! Mazel Tov !!!!

    September 28, 2018

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