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Splendidly Sampled


Sometime a year or more ago I discovered a challenge issued by Pat Sloan—a hundred block sampler. I had bought the book ‘Dear Jane’ with the intention of working through that book and creating my own sampler but like a lot of good ideas remained as an thought.

This project appealed to me–because it would be one small bite at a time–and surely I could keep up.

Of course I soon fell far behind. I was using shirtings cut-offs my great uncle had bought from some mail order place offering such things—my mother had bought satin pieces. These pieces were relatively small but as the blocks finished 6 inches I figured these would work well.

Sometimes I would take my box of scraps and the patterns and cut out a half dozen or more blocks at a time; I would trace off the embroidered blocks three or four at a time–my evenings are spent with Netflix and a hand project—knitting dishcloths, putting bindings or sleeves on quilts, or English Paper Piecing. Embroidery was easy to add to the list–and now I have a lovely lamp over my shoulder to make things even easier.

After finishing all of these blocks it was time to set them together–with sashing. Here it is–not a particularly good photo but a better photo will be had once it is quilted and bound–it goes to the bottom of the stack to be quilted.

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