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One, Two, THREE, Four, Five Six, SEVEN


Salsa Night at the Event Center was filled with wonderful music, a Salsa lesson from the piano player and lots of dancing. After all my back surgeries–I am left with neuropathy of my feet–I need to see my feet to know where they are-no more running up or down stairs–and -dancing while looking at your feet the entire time–is not exactly fun–but watching the dancers and imagining myself there was.salsa201-m

I don’t know what kind of instrument this was–the other musicians played drums and piano and guitar—and sang in Spanish, Portuguese, and English–all in the same song. They were from Cuba, Mexico, and Brazil–quite a combo–but a fun evening.salsa2-m

Music is frequently much too loud in the actual auditorium for me–so after a bit, I sat outside the Event center with the music piped outside, the fountain flowing, and ducks swimming in the lake.img_8491-m


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  1. Jeannie Loving #

    I would venture to say the instrument is a raspa, essential for cumbia music.

    September 5, 2018

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