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Faculty Show off their Stuff

Last night was the opening of the Lamar Faculty showcase. Since I graduated there have been some new faces in the faculty and it is always interesting to see their work.

Keith Carter always has something new to show–this year it was old photographs paired with old picture frames–the cardboard kind that came with things like your formal wedding photograph or your senior picture. I have several dozen of them–from family photos waiting for inspiration. Keith used the imagery of bees and queens—–he kept bees for a very short time in his youth–said it didn’t end well.

Christopher Troutman had three large pieces meshing some place in the Far East with local images. These pieces were quite large–several feet tall and were printed on canvas–one striking piece was an image of a large estate–maybe the McFadden Ward house flanked by a gate from the Far East–almost like a fisheye lens effect.

Kurt Dyrhaug had two 3 D printed sculptures and two gesso/rust/sand pieces on paper–most intriguing process. I always enjoy seeing his work as it is so reminiscent of his rural background.

Donna Meeks had one piece, a negative photo that was water-colored and embossed–again an interesting technique.

There were a lot of people there–and the food was great–a great show—and tonight there is another show at the Art Studio.

Sorry I didn’t take any photos–although plenty of cell phones were out taking photos.


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