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Wired and Stapled

wire-mThere are some days that I am just happy to turn off the light and crawl under the covers.

Working as a locum means driving a lot of miles–and usually this means through Houston. Traffic is always heavy with lots of semi-trucks and people hurrying to work or school. Houston is still recovering from Hurricane Harvey with construction and debris in the streets.

I fill in for a downtown doctor in a clinic serving primarily Spanish speaking people with my rudimentary Spanish skills helpful. The patients politely listen, correct my pronunciation or grammar or tense. Translating in my head takes a lot of effort and at the end of the day I am tired.

Exiting the clinic and walking toward my vehicle–this bright object was just smiling away at me.

My spare is on, a new tire is on order and I was only an hour and a half late for work—patients all very patiently waiting for me–and offering up advice regarding my tire–none were angry or stomped out—-but I was still glad to get home, pet my dogs, and crawl into bed.

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