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Sylvia Weir UnderstatedI’ve missed several photo challenges over the past few weeks–chalk it up to lots of time spent in the dentist’s chair and quite a bit of money. I did manage to get this photo done and uploaded.

I found this bird’s egg in the backyard driveway. This driveway is covered by a canopy of crepe myrtle trees that are over 100 years old. They drip flowers constantly for several months as well as their leaves. During a rain storm–of which we have many, the trunks expand and the bark peels off in huge strips.

Squirrels and pigeons and sometimes an owl and four nesting pairs of cardinals inhabit those trees. Sometimes I see a blue jay as well–and there are some tiny wrens in the front yard. My dogs can spot these creatures even though they are sitting quite still–and jumping up and barking attempt to chase them out of the yard.

Was this egg a hatchling? I could not see a nest overhead but then the canopy is thick creating shade in my backyard. Was it dropped by a squirrel as it enjoyed an after dinner snack?

I’ll never know–but I took the photo poised on a silver plated spoon in my breakfast room.

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