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The Coolest Sewing Machine

wheeler20sewing20machine203-mAsk most anyone and they will probably recognize “Singer” as the person who invented sewing machines. In fact, he was the one that invented the installment plan for buying such a luxury item. The first sewing machine was by Elias Howe whose very plain Jane machine was elegant in appearance while Singer’s was embellished with lots of fancy filigree work.

Museums of local history feature sewing machines and the Whitehead Memorial Museum in Del Rio Texas is no exception. Among the fleet of Singers including a long-arm Singer used for leather-work–saddles and other tack gear is a fascinating machine.

Sewing machines were powered by a treadle; a flat panel hooked to a system of pulleys via a belt. Other machines such as lathes were also powered by these treadles and in many parts of the world where electricity is either unavailable, expensive, or unreliable, treadles are still used.

But this machine!

First it has TWO foot pedals just like an elliptical exercise machine.wheeler20sewing20machine-m

The machine sits with its needle at the very front, the machinery and the pulley to the rear, not the side. There is a box for accessories such as thread and scissors to the left of the needle, the top of the box forming a flat working space.wheeler20sewing20machine202-m

The entire machine is encased in a large square box that folds down over top of the machine; but there is plenty of space behind the machine to store the current project.

My photos do not do it justice; it was dark in that part of the museum.

Can you tell I was thrilled to find such a fun and unique item?

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