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Escape Plan Foiled

Not exactly.

They did escape.

One burrowed her way back into the yard and into the pond to cool off after they had both rushed home after hearing my diesel put-putting on its way home after a very long and not very fun day at work.

The other one sat panting heavily, also having run a good ways, by the side of the front gate waiting for me to open the gate. The shorter and more willing to crawl into places one greeted me innocently from the inside of the gate–but her underside was wet, her paws sopping wet and I knew exactly what she had done.

After letting them inside the house, I patrolled the exterior with a flashlight looking for that escape route.

It was right next to the prior escape-I thought I had made it secure—but when there’s a will so they say. And perhaps a friend on the other side of that fence?


And so this morning–instead of doing all the other things I had planned, I needed to mend fence. I’ve taken care not to do the mending in the neighbor’s view as the next door neighbor said his wife was upset because since I had put so much of the fence up in plain view of all that I set the bar too high for the other wives to reach. Apparently it looked like I knew what I was doing….Not that there is a lot of talent in nailing up fence boards once the uprights and the cross-pieces are in place.

Off to Home Depot to purchase supplies after think through my plan.

I bought weather-proof boards and some short T-Posts. I placed the T-Posts–short work since the ground is so soft after all our rain, slid the boards behind the T-Posts, fortified them with some bricks and these old motorcycle tires.  Not so elegant but maybe it will last a couple of months until they find another escape route.


And what do these two escapees look like?

and20another-mThat’s the tall one–and a true digging machine she is.

dora20and20the20ball-mHere is the shorter one. Doesn’t she look innocent?

And here they are together.glen20getting20ready20to20throw20the20frisbee-mPay no attention to the man between them holding the leash and the frisbee. I think he enjoys their exploits and their derring-do. And he would have been helping me with that fence job but he is out of state at present—and taking the dogs out four times a day to visit the facilities for several months is more than I wanted to think about.


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